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Antoni Wolski

Ph.D. (Computer Science)
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Independent lecturer and consultant
(AWO Consulting)

Retired from IBM Software Group
Information Management Software
IBM Helsinki Lab (Chief Researcher, solidDB)

Gesterborgintie 4 D23
02410 Kirkkonummmi

Tel. +358 40 846 9840
Email: a.wolski

Professional profile 

Antoni Wolski has been a long-time player in the database field. He started at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) in the 80s by developing a unique climatological database system. In the 90s, at the Research Technical Center of Finland (VTT), he invented concepts like fuzzy and temporal triggers. In 2001 he moved to the private industry by joining Solid Information Technology, where he concentrated on in-memory database capabilities of the solidDB product. He continued at IBM after IBM had acquired Solid in 2008. He retired from IBM in 2011. Currently, as an independent consultant, he is leading development of new technologies for analytics databases in the telecom field.

Selected activities

  • A method for recovery from link failures in highly-available databases [RaaWol10].

  • Paper on performance management and tuning of highly-available databases [WolRaa06], at the ISAS 2006 Conference, May 15-16, 2006, Helsinki.

  • Paper on applying a highly available database to an industrial telecom framework [WolHof05], at the Workshop on Self-Managing Database Systems (SMDB2005), April 8-9, 2005, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Paper on dynamic upgrades [Wol04], at the ISAS 2004 Conference, May 13-14, 2004, Munich, Germany.

  • Work within the Service Availability Forum (SAF) resulting in the survey of the highly available databases [Dra04].

Past projects 

Before joining Solid Information Technology in 2001, Antoni Wolski was involved, over years, in  researching and building special-purpose database systems. Research into active databases produced the technology of fuzzy triggers [WB98, PW00] and a model extraction method to generate fuzzy models to be run by fuzzy triggers [KW01]. An adaptation of temporal data models to the needs of time series processing resulted in the design of RapidBase, an active, in-memory system for time series management [WKLP00]. Back, in the beginning of 90's, studies into recovery problems in heterogeneous transaction processing systems produced  the 2PC Agent Method [WV91, VW92] that was subsequently implemented in the HERMES system [PWVJ93]. Earlier study into database access in heterogeneous environments led to the construction of the LINDA system [Wol89].

Other activities 

Data mangement issues in telecommunications has been always of  interest [Wol94]. In this area, Antoni Wolski got involved into consulting work for telecom equipment manufacturers and operators. Another area of interest was interorganizational work flows that spun some work, too [SW96].


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